Green New Deal News ~ February, 8

Every week at the Lab Report we’re collecting the latest news and info on developments with the Green New Deal. For more news right to your inbox, be sure to sign up for emails and updates below. Here’s the top Green New Deal news from the week:

#1: There’s now an official Green New Deal. Here’s what’s in it.

author: David Roberts source: Vox

(AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

David Roberts continues his excellent reporting on the issue. This week’s expected announcement of a GND resolution in the house didn’t disappoint as the resolution was announced with over 60 backers and co-signers in the House and Senate.  


“On Thursday, Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA) and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) introduced a Green New Deal resolution that lays out the goals, aspirations, and specifics of the program in a more definitive way. This is as close as there is to an “official” Green New Deal — at last, something to argue about.

There will be lots to say in the days to come about the politics of all this. (In the meantime, read Ella Nilsen’s piece.) For instance, it is interesting that Markey, a living symbol of 2008-era Democratic thinking on climate change (and the leader of the old climate committee), is lending his imprimatur to this more urgent and radical iteration.”

#2: The Green New Deal’s Five Freedoms

author: Kate Aronoff, Alyssa Batiston, Daniel Aldana Cohen, Thea Riofrancos     source: Jacobin

The concept and language of freedom has been largely co-opted by the right. But as Kate Aronoff and others point out this week in Jacobin, a Green New Deal may be the best means yet for progressives to retake the mantle of Freedom.

“One of the biggest challenges of climate politics is that the solutions sometimes seem scarier than the problem. We worry that to truly decarbonize, we’d need an authoritarian government or endless austerity. But a big and bold enough Green New Deal could finally make us truly free.

The principles that animated the New Deal are often associated with Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s (FDR) proposed (but never fully enacted) Economic Bill of Rights. These included rights to employment, medical care, housing, education, and social security. Those goals are tragically unrealized for many Americans, and any just version of the Green New Deal must start there. They’re familiar goals for the Left, ones we’ve been championing for decades. But we also need to rework another New Deal–era statement of principles — FDR’s Four Freedoms.”

#3: 12 Reasons Labor Should Demand a Green New Deal

author: Jeremy Brecher & Joe Uehlein source: In These Times

If a Green New Deal is going to truly become an economic reality the the labor movement is going to have to embrace its tenants. Jeremy Brecher and Joe Uehlein lay out a convincing set of 12 reasons why a Green New Deal works for Labor.

“Workers have gotten a raw deal. Employers and their Republican allies are trying to eliminate workers’ rights both in the workplace and at the ballot box. But even when Democrats controlled the presidency and both houses of Congress, they did little to protect, let alone expand, the rights of working people. Workers need a new deal.

Now, an alliance of social movements and members of Congress are proposing a Green New Deal to create millions of jobs by putting Americans to work making a climate-safe economy. This program meets the needs of—and has the potential to unite—the labor movement, environmentalists, and all those who have been the victims of inequality, discrimination, racism and, now, climate change.”

Green New Deal in the States

state & local news on the Green New Deal

#4: New York Power Authority makes its first transaction in large-scale renewables

author: Michelle Froese  source: Windpower Engineering & Development

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s aggressive push has made his state an early leader in Green New Deal policies. This week that effort was furthered by a large scale power purchase agreement into renewables.

“The New York Power Authority (NYPA) has awarded a power purchase agreement for a 290-MW wind project to be constructed in Steuben County to procure and accelerate renewable energy and advance Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s aggressive clean energy goals. This investment in large-scale clean energy promotes a private partnership and will provide employment and economic benefits to the Southern Tier community.

NYPA is eager to move forward with its first long-term supply contract with a private sector utility-scale renewable company,” said Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO. “Accelerating our acquisition of renewable energy for the benefit of our customers via public-private partnerships is the way to go.”
NYPA’s Board of Trustees approved the award of a 20-year power purchase agreement to Canisteo Wind Energy for energy, capacity and renewable energy credits (RECs) generated from the wind project that would be developed and operated by Invenergy. Under the Clean Energy Standard, utilities and other energy suppliers are required to obtain a targeted number of RECs each year to help finance new renewable energy sources.”

#5: Labor Council in San Diego On Board With the Green New Deal

author: Jim Miller source: On Beach California 92107

Support for The Green New Deal continues to grow in local communities across the country as well. This short snippet from San Diego shows just how rampant the Green New Deal’s appeal is.

“(m)any of the specific details of this type of program, such as the climate jobs guarantee, remain a work in progress and, as the young activists from the Sunrise Movement and their allies in Congress have made clear, they want to hear from unions.

In that spirit, the San Diego-Imperial Counties Labor Council’s Environmental Caucus brought the following resolution to the entire Labor Council at the January meeting and it was overwhelmingly passed. Those of us in the local labor movement hope this resolution, the first of its kind from an American Labor Council, will serve as a touchstone to help spark and guide a larger discussion inside the American labor movement and elsewhere:”

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