We’re laying the groundwork to elect more Democrats by building a better system for executing campaigns and winning elections.

Our mission is to fix our broken approach to campaigns

Our goal is to make all progressive campaigns better, to bring modern measurement and technology to progressive campaigns, to improve how we deliver messages, and to understand how we get voters to the polls. We aim to usher in tactics that have an actual impact, to stop wasting money on old ineffective tactics, and to continuously improve all campaigns. Our vision is to create a system that fundamentally helps Democrats at every level win on Election Day.

Our Current State of Electoral Campaigns

Rapidly Changing Landscape

Changes in technology, media, and demographics are driving major changes in the way voters communicate and engage. The channels to reach voters, once very straightforward, are now highly fragmented. This rapidly changing landscape is making campaigns more complicated. Yet, most of our campaigns are ill-equipped to respond and end up relying on old familiar tactics.

We Don't Know What Works

There are certainly conferences and webinars for activists but there is no widespread effort to understand which tactics worked and which didn’t and to build any system to measure, analyze, and make future campaigns

Our Tactics Are Mostly Unchanged

Every cycle, we invest billions of dollars in Democratic political campaigns. Win or lose, the day after election day, thousands of campaigns and advocacy orgs close up and move on. Then, the next cycle starts and every campaign is executed with the same plan that existed before. 

No System for Improving

There is no shortage of research about what worked and what didn’t. Many studies indicate that current tactics don’t work well. But this knowledge rarely makes it into campaign plans. And given the short-term volunteer nature of campaigns, it’s natural that they would rely on the same tactics that have been used for dozens of years. 

The growing cost of campaigns

In 2008, around $10B was spent on federal and state campaigns. By 2020, that amount was $24B. Our response to rising costs, so far, has been to raise more money so that we can mostly do more of the same. 

Too much focus at the top

Around 90% of election spending goes to just 10% of campaigns. Large campaigns can spend freely to overcome challenges. State and local candidates and advocacy orgs though end up with very limited resources to run campaigns in an increasingly complicated media landscape.  

Our Plan

Measure what works

Our first Herculean task is to model and measure the tactics that affect voter behavior. We must begin to understand what actions lead to the outcomes we seek. Do our current tactics still work in a world that looks little like it did 20 years ago? What new tactics are having an effect that matters? This is the critical first step.  

Support -> Test -> Validate

Next, we support state and local campaigns with resources and the knowledge to run campaigns with newly formed research. We execute tests to gather extensive data to more fully understand and show what actions impacted voter behavior.   

An Intelligent System for Every Campaign

Knowledge isn’t enough. What’s needed is a system of tools that automatically incorporates the knowledge and assists campaigns. For this, we work with an array of tech providers to build an ecosystem of tools that make it easy for any progressive campaign at any level to run an optimized campaign in a complex modern media environment. 

This is Our Moonshot

We envision a cohesive ecosystem of intelligent tools that make progressive campaigns super-effective. It would fundamentally alter the ease and sophistication of our campaigns, capture data for all future campaigns, and constantly learn and improve. Over time, it will create a strategic advantage that ushers in electoral wins for progressive candidates and issues. 

can you help?

We are able to do our own work only with the generous help of the progressive community. 

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